Liz Fedak, publisher
P.O. Box 170594
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (415) 819-4744
editor [at] hatchbeat.com

Encompassed by the eastern entrance to Golden Gate Park on one side and Turk, Market and 17th streets around, HATCH Beat territory covers several neighborhoods, each carrying a distinct personality, ranging from the Van Ness performances arts district to the haute couture commercial district of Hayes Valley where Victorian, Queen Anne and Edwardian townhouses are mixed with boutiques, restaurants and public housing complexes. Further in, views of Postcard Row can be enjoyed while overlooking a downtown San Francisco backdrop in Alamo Square’s namesake park, with nearby cafes, shops, concert venues, restaurants and nightlife available on Divisadero, gateway to the more intimate and eclectic next door neighbor (and home to most of the Wiggle), Lower Haight; 60s counter-culture merges with contemporary culture for tourists and locals alike as a hangout and shopping destination in Haight-Ashbury, home to the Cranston-Keenan Grateful Dead house (not to mention the homes of The Hell’s Angels, Janis Joplin, Charles Manson and others), as well as Buena Vista Park, one of the city’s oldest parks, and the annual Haight-Ashbury Street Fair. Cole Valley is tucked away near Haight-Ashbury, a quiet community-oriented corner of San Francisco with one of the best prosciutto sandwiches in the city and a great view atop the 600-foot-high Tank Hill. The Panhandle, transformed from sand by William Hammond Hall, is a bustling commuter corridor and gathering place used by many. Some of the city’s best Victorians are found within HATCH territory, especially in NOPA, where the weather tends to be less foggy than the rest of the city.

Distribution by Neighborhood: Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, NoPa, Haight Ashbury, Lower Haight, Cole Valley
Distribution by Zip Code: 94117 and 94102
Circulation: 11,000

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